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GST Calculation Worksheet For BAS

The Tax Office provides a downloadable PDF worksheet which can be used to keep track of GST calculations for your BAS statement.

The calculation worksheet should not be sent to the Tax Office. It should be kept with periodic reports and other working papers to be reviewed in the event of a Tax Office query.

For businesses which do not have software-generated BAS forms, the worksheet is an important link between the accounting system reports and the BAS return, providing an auditable trail which explains the source of the numbers declared in the BAS return.

How to use the form

This worksheet is designed to be filled online, but this is not always compatible with all browsers. To use the form simply download to desktop, open the file (requires Acrobat or some other PDF viewer) and fill the fields in there. The completed file should be printed and filed with your records.

Download the worksheet from this link or click the image

GST calculation worksheet

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