About Us

Atotaxrates started in 2011
Wayback Machine: January 2012

This site was established in 2011 as way to provide convenient access to basic tax information, primarily for individuals and small business.

Throughout that time we’ve chosen to keep the site free for users by hosting ads in articles.

This enables our independence from any single information source, our only criterion being the quality of the information linked or referenced.

We strive to minimise the impact on article readability from the placement of advertisements. It’s a balancing act we haven’t always got right, and welcome feedback.

In the years we have operated, free public access to general tax information has significantly improved. Not only has the Tax Office’s website become friendlier and more easily searched than before, but the growth of other free information sources on the web provides a rich landscape for searchers of information.

But there are still gaps in the information pipelines, and that defines our place in the sun.

Our philosophy remains as it was when we began – to provide information (not advice), and give sign-posts to official and other material to help get tax tasks done, or to provide understanding.