Tax Tables

Current tax tables in use for the 2020-21 year date from 13 October 2020 and (with limited exceptions noted below) will continue to apply for 2021-22.

From 1 July 2021, new withholding rates will only be issued for Schedule 8 – Statement of formulas for calculating study and training support loans components (NAT 3539). All other withholding rates will not change.

From 1 July 2021 Schedule 4 (super income streams (NAT 70982)) and Schedule 13 (return to work payments (NAT 3347)) will be re-issued with minor content changes, but no change to the withholding rates.

Current tax withholding schedules

For all other tables and circumstances please refer to the full list available at

Previous years’ withholding schedules

Some (incomplete series) tables from earlier years have been retained on this site and can be accessed here:

The Mobile App – free from the Tax Office

The Tax Office’s free mobile app contains a number of handy tax tools, and includes a salary and wage PAYG tax withholding calculator. Information: get the ATO App

Further info and sources

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