Tax Calculator 2018

Income tax calculator for Australian resident individuals for the year ending 30 June 2018.

For a free spreadsheet version of this calculator go here.

Online tax calculator – limitations and notes for use

  • Calculation formulae are strictly in accordance with the official tax scale, however this is a basic calculator for generating a quick tax estimate.  Results should be treated with caution: There may be any number of reasons why the results differ from your official tax assessment.  All results have been rounded.
  • If applicable, medicare levy (with a top up rate including the surcharge if applicable) must be manually selected.  Medicare low income threshold calculations are not included.  See here for further information on estimating medicare.
  • Formulae for HELP loans, backpacker tax, part-year or non-residence etc have NOT been included.
  • An automatic LITO (“Low Income Tax Offset”) calculation is included but beware that it does not necessarily apply in all circumstances.
  • To estimate a refund or estimated final tax position, the “scratch pad” area can be used to enter values for tax instalments (withholdings) credits or other tax offsets.
  • For a free spreadsheet version of the calculator go here.

Create a tax estimate

  1. To create an estimate, firstly enter taxable income in the blue area, next to the heading “Enter your income”
  2. (if applicable) select a medicare rate: Click the Y/N box, then select a percentage rate. The standard medicare rate for 2017-18 is 2% (excluding low income reduction or surcharge).
  3. (Optionally) enter offset values and tax instalment (withholdings) in the scratch pad area, in the column headed “Offsets and credits”.
  4. Special note for smart phones: We’re working on improving the display – in the mean time you may find that holding the phone in landscape view works best.


This page was last modified on 27 June 2017