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How To Obtain Copies Of Your Tax Return, Notices of Assessment or Payment Summaries

Copies of documents held by the Tax Office in their records may be requested, including notices of assessment, lodged tax returns and individual group certificates or payment summaries.

Requests are made on the Tax Office request form which is downloadable, and lodged online in most cases.

Documents created or lodged with the Tax Office in paper format will be supplied as photocopies.

See downloadable request form download links here: Copies of tax documents request

Freedom of information requests

Individuals and businesses can also request copies of Tax Office documents under the FOI laws.

The FOI laws also enable taxpayers to request  a correction of information held if it is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading.

For documents which contain only your personal information, there is no charge.  There may be charges for accessing other types of documents.

See from download link (PDF): FOI request form

Tax Agents Online Services For Tax Document Copies

Tax Agents have access to a taxpayer clients’ documents online provided the Tax Office’s electronic records show that authority has been granted by the client.

Documents are accessed via the Online services for agents (OSfA) which include tax returns and assessments from 2010 onwards. Payment summaries and pre-fill information is also available this way from 2009.

For tax returns and assessments 1997 to 2009, payment summaries and pre-fill information 2001 to 2008, and FBT returns from 2001 onwards, a new form is to be used from 20 August 2022 and submitted by Practice mail from within OSfA.

Details published by the ATO for obtaining access to documents online have been published here.

Further information

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