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Uber ABN Registration

Uber drivers’ requirement to register for an ABN and account for GST arises from the ATO’s determination that travel through ride-sourcing is considered to be ‘taxi travel’.

Unlike small businesses generally, providers of taxi travel must account for GST on their services (fares), regardless of turnover. Other small businesses may opt for non-registration when annual turnover is less than $75,000.

To register for and collect GST the provider must have an ABN. Once registered for GST, the provider can also then offset the GST component of related expenses when calculating the amount to send to the Tax Office, which is done through preparation of a BAS return, usually on a quarterly basis.

If the provider already has an ABN, then the GST registration is simply added to it. Otherwise the ABN and GST registration can be applied for at the same time.

Once registered, the Tax Office will follow up with the provider on a regular basis for lodgement of quarterly BAS (business activity statements).

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This page was last modified 2021-07-07