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Franking Credit-Refunds Without A Tax Return

Franking credits are a refundable tax offset. If no tax is payable, or if the franking credits are greater than the amount of tax calculated on your income, then the balance is payable to you as a refund.

When claimed in an individual tax return, franking credit claims are included at Item 11 of the personal income tax return, or as part of investment income declared under sections of the supplementary tax return. Tax return forms for the current and previous years are linked here.

With the introduction of higher tax thresholds since 1 July 2012, together with available offsets, especially for seniors, many taxpayers may no longer be required to lodge a tax return.

This can result in an oversight for taxpayers who might otherwise have claimed the refund of franking credits by including the details in their tax return.

To enable the claiming of franking credit refunds without having to prepare and lodge a tax return, the Tax office has a form “Application for refund of imputation credits”.

Franking credit refund forms & instructions

Refund of franking credits guide PDF 2023
  • Application form and instructions 2022-23
  • Application form and instructions 2021-22
  • Application form and instructions 2020-21
  • Application form and instructions 2019-20
  • Application form and instructions 2018-19
  • Application form and instructions 2017-18
  • Application form and instructions 2016-17
  • Application form and instructions 2015-16
  • Application form and instructions 2014-15
  • Application form and instructions 2013-14
  • Application form and instructions 2012-13

For Non-Profit Organisations

Eligible organisations receiving franked dividends in the financial year or entitled to franked distributions from a trust can get a refund of franking credits.

If a prior application has been made, the Tax Office will send a pre-filled form for 2020. Otherwise an application can be made using the information here.

See also Tax Office publication explaining investor tax records, tax implications etc:

How To Calculate Franking Credits

Click here for franking credit calculators. Enter dividend to determine franking credit, or enter a franking credit amount to determine dividend required.

Image of a franking credit calculator. Enter dividend amount to calculate a franking credit.

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