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Free Financial Planning Information

The free Financial Information Service (“FIS”) is a confidential service sponsored by the government operating under the Department of Human Services.

The FIS does not offer investment advice, but provides information which can help understand the planning issues and options available, and the terms and players in the retirement planning arena.

FIS officers can talk to you about taking control of your finances so that you can actively plan for your retirement and how to prepare for lifestyle choices in retirement, even while you are still in the workforce.

They cannot prepare financial plans or offer investments or products advice.

Contact with an FIS officer can be established by calling the Department on 132 300. Phone consultations are offered and where applicable a face to face meeting can be arranged.

Free Financial Planning Seminars

FIS offers financial planning seminars on an ongoing basis. The seminars provide expert speakers to address key planning for retirement issues, including

  • Financial planning and choosing a financial planner
  • Running your own super fund
  • Understanding property investments
  • Understanding shares

Further information

See DHS – Financial Information Service

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