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WPI – Wage Price Index

WPI statistics are published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The WPI is proposed as the basis for an alternative indexation calculation for the purposes of HECS/HELP loans annual indexations.

The proposal is that indexation for each year will be the lower of CPI or WPI.


The latest quarterly index for total hourly rates of pay for all industries for the March 2024 quarter is 150.2

Future Quarterly Releases:

Quarterly PeriodRelease Date
June 202413 August 2024
September 202413 November 2025
December 202425 February 2025
March 202514 May 2025
Source: abs.gov.au

Recent WPI Releases

Mar 2024150.2
Dec 2023149.3
Sep 2023147.9
Jun 2023145.2
Mar 2023144.3
Dec 2022143.2
Sep 2022142.1
Jun 2022140.1
Mar 2022139.3
Dec 2021138.5
Sep 2021137.7
June 2021136.5

The source data for the WPI statistics are published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Data source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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