ATO Tax Rates 2024-2025 Year (Non-Residents)

Following the 2018 Budget a number of adjustments to the personal tax rates were legislated, taking effect in the years from 1 July 2018 through to 1 July 2024. The legislation is here.

Reflected in the following table, for tax years commencing 1 July 2024 the 37 cent tax band was removed, and the 32.5 cent range extended to incomes of $200,000.

A further amendment arising from Budget 2019 proposals reduced the 32.5 cent rate to 30 cents.

The amended tax tables set out below reflect all of the foregoing changes. However please note that the rates shown for future years are the currently legislated rates, and are therefore subject to change at any time according to changes in government policy.

The 2024-25 fiscal year commences on 1 July 2024 and ends on 30 June 2025.

Non-residents Tax Scale 2024-25
Taxable incomeTax on this income
$0 – $200,00032.5c  30 cents for each $1
$120,001 – $180,000$39,000 + 37c for each $1 over $120,000
$200,001 and over$65,000  $60,000 plus 45 cents for each $1 over $200,000

Non-residents do not pay the Medicare Levy.




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