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Medicare Levy Thresholds 2012-13

medicare-levy-income-thresholdsMedicare Levy low income thresholds for 2012-13 were initially set as part of the package of family assistance measures associated with the introduction of the carbon tax.

The thresholds are indexed annually.

Basic rules:

  • Incomes below the thresholds are free of the Medicare Levy.
  • Incomes over the threshold pay a levy of 10% of the excess, until the amount reaches the normal rate of 1.5% of income
  • For families, the lower threshold is increased by the amount of $3094 per dependent child (up from $3,007 in the previous year).
2012-13 Medicare Levy Low Income Thresholds
Lower Income Limit
Eligible for the SAPTO $32,279
All other taxpayers $20,542


2012-13 Medicare Levy Income Thresholds
Lower Income Limit


Low income 10% shade-in  — Families shade-in formula

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