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E Invoicing Australia

E-invoicing between businesses replaces the need for paper or pdf transaction records, by allowing transactions to take place electronically between the supplier’s and purchaser’s accounting systems.

This digital exchange is based on agreed standards under the Pan-European Public
Procurement On-Line (Peppol) Framework.

The introduction of electronic or digital invoicing is an economic efficiency measure promoted by the Federal Government. The implementation is being led by the Australian Taxation Office as the Peppol authority in Australia with associated legislative powers.

Australian federal government agencies are required to adopt e-invoicing by 1 July 2022 and to provide 5-day payment terms for a supplier using e-invoicing.

Adoption of einvoicing by private businesses is not (yet) compulsory.

For most small and medium businesses using off-the-shelf accounting software solutions, connecting to e-invoicing will take place via their existing software.

Software products which are e-invoice ready are listed on a register maintained by the Tax Office and can be viewed here.

A list of accredited eInvoicing service providers is maintianed on the eInvoicing Ready product register of software developers.

Further reading and information about e-invoicing in Australia

This page was last modified 2022-11-17