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ATO Contacts

The Tax Office has many points of contact. This page has a few sign posts which might help to short-cut your search.


The Tax Office does not routinely supply an email address for general queries, but may supply a contact for the purpose of dealing with specific matters, or to disseminate information. For example the technical help desk, large business support, data-matching and reporting a scam.

The Tax Office warn against clicking on links contained in emails purporting to come from the Tax Office. Current SMS and email activities are described here.

Tax Office website

For a list of contact modes and details, see the Tax Office website contacts.

Voice recognition

The Tax Office has implemented a voice recognition function which can help to speed up the authentication process whenever you contact them by phone. The setup function for voice authentication has been included in the ATO app.

Mailing addresses for paper form lodgments

The general addresses for tax return lodgments or general correspondence are listed here.

For general tax return lodgement requirements, see here.

Note also that mailing addresses of the Taxation division specifically responsible will often be specified on individual forms for paper lodgment (e.g. BAS forms). To avoid delays it is obviously preferable to use specific addresses where they are made available.

Checking Tax Return Progress

Individuals – go here

Contact the Tax Office by telephone

Telephone contacts for various purposes are listed here.

Early engagement when seeking advice – callback request

The Tax Office provides a contact form to request a call back from a subject matter expert in order to resolve complex tax queries that you have been unable to resolve online or by phone.

Facebook and Twitter

For quick answers to queries of a generic nature, a (usually very fast) response during business hours is provided from the Tax Office’s social media section.

Twitter handle: @ato_gov_au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/atogovau

Note these channels are not private, and are therefore not suitable for the kind of queries which would require you to discuss personally specific information. For such queries you will be asked to call in.

Small business: book an after hours call back

Small business support call back booking form is here.

Tax Office street-front locations

The physical locations of Tax Office shopfronts are listed here.

Complaints about the Tax Office

Information about lodging a complaint against the Tax Office is provided here.

Phoenix Hotline for workers and small businesses

Employees, creditors, competing businesses and the general public can confidentially provide information or report their concerns about possible phoenix behaviour by calling the Phoenix Hotline on 1800 807 875 or online at ATO website phoenix taskforce. Email contact is also available.

Disclosures fall within available privacy and whistleblower protections.

Report fraud, tax evasion, a tax planning scheme

Start here. Email contact available.

Report Unpaid Super Contributions From An Employer

Start here

Tax agent phone services and Fast Key Code

This service is not for taxpayers. An RAN and POI are required to enable access.
The tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide provides the right phone number for the topic of enquiry. The Fast Key Codes allow you to key ahead to the option of your choice without listening to the entire menu. See Tax Professionals Services.

Technical Help Desk

For technical issues surrounding access to the Business Portal contact modes (including online chat, phone and email) are listed here.

This page was last modified 2021-06-17