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Uber, Taxis and Quacking Ducks

The announcement (tactfully called “advice”) by the Tax Office that Uber operatives have been given the deadline of 1 August 2015 to register for GST on fare earnings has received media attention. Perhaps predictably, Uber has reacted furiously to the ultimatum by essentially arguing that this is an unwarranted attack on micro-businesses. … read more


Tony’s Tradies Small Business $20,000 Depreciation Deduction

Guidance has been issued by the Tax Office for small businesses on the new $20,000 small business instant asset write-off measures announced in the Government’s 2015 budget. Although not yet legislated, the measure applies from the time of its public announcement, 7.30pm AEST on 12 May … read more


Updating motor vehicle expense claims

Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has flagged changes to motor vehicle tax deduction claims: the 12 per cent of original value and one-third of actual expenses incurred calculation methods are to be discontinued, and the cents-per km rate is to be set at a flat average … read more

FBT Determinations updates for 2015-16 year

FBT Determinations for 2015-16

Determinations updates for the FBT year commencing on 1 April 2015 and ending 31 March 2016 released today include the Reasonable Food and Drinks for LAFHA, Benchmark interest rate, Record Keeping Threshold, Km rates for non-cars and Non Remote Housing Indexation. TD 2015/4  The indexation factors for valuing non … read more

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