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'reasonable travel allowance rates'
The ATO set out what are “reasonable” expense claims for overtime meals, domestic travel, employee truck drivers and overseas travel. These schedules are revised annually.
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'low income tax offset' or 'LITO'
The Low Income Tax Offset is a reduction of tax for lower income earners. The LITO and the tax free threshold combine to ensure that the lowest income earners don’t pay any tax. Click to see –
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'mature age worker'
The Mature Age Worker’s Offset has ceased for taxpayers born on or after 1 July 1957. The Seniors and Pensioners Tax Offset has separate eligibility requirements.
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'additional tax for hecs debt'
The student Higher Education Loan Program repayments are recovered by the Tax Office at a percentage rate in your tax assessment, based on your annual income. The repayment rates are adjusted each year.
See HECS/HELP repayments
Save tax on long service leave
Since 1993, long service and annual leave have been taxable at marginal tax rates. However when paid in a lump sum, and with some planning ahead, there are opportunities to achieve tax savings. See –
Long service and annual leave here..
'tax rates 2015'
The tax rates for the 2014-15 year remain unchanged, however the medicare levy is set to increase by 0.5%. See –
2015 tax rates..
'medicare levy' and surcharge
For tax residents of Australia, the medicare levy is added to your tax bill once your income reaches a certain level. The surcharge adds even more if you don’t have basic hospital insurance for yourself and dependents. See -
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