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Fuel Tax Increases

The government has announced that the re-introduction of regular inflation adjustments to the fuel tax will commence from 10 November 2014. This was a  key revenue measure contained in the May 2014 budget. In the face of political opposition to the measure in the Federal parliament, … read more


Mining Tax Repealed Finally – With Compromises

With the assistance of the Palmer United Party the Mining Tax repeal legislation has now finally been approved by both Houses of parliament. For the Government the price of approval came in the form of some compromise in measures which were linked to the Mining Tax when it … read more


Carbon Tax Gone – But Budget Headaches Remain

The government has finally achieved its much-publicised objective of getting rid of the carbon tax, when the Senate approved the package of repeal bills on 17 July 2014. But winning the Senate’s approval has come at a cost – in earlier repeal attempts the government … read more


Time To Lodge Your Tax Return – But Don’t Be TOO Quick

It’s that time of the year again, when tax returns are required to be lodged. Individual taxpayers have until 31 October to lodge, unless listed with a registered tax agent who can spread their tax return lodgment load over a longer period. In addition to the eTax Software tax … read more

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