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Find Superannuation

Since the superannuation guarantee system was introduced in the early 1990s, a good number of us have superannuation accounts accumulated from different places of employment. It’s easy to lose track.

The one link in all of this is the Tax Office, who supervises Super Guarantee compliance, and therefore has all of this information.

For Super Fund Providers

All complying super funds are obliged to report to the Tax Office details of lost members, which is used to update the Tax Office’s Lost Member Register. Reports must be lodged twice a year:

  • 30 June, due 31 October; and
  • 31 December, due 30 April

The ATO Super Fund providers link is here.

For Super Fund Members

The Tax Office SuperSeeker online service for checking lost super information is no longer available.

Individuals are advised to check their super through myGov.




This page last modified 23 Aug 2017