Land Tax Tasmania

Land tax applicable to land in the state of Tasmania.

COVID-19 land tax relief measures

Taxing date

1 July

Corporate entities

Related companies’ holdings are grouped and one threshold applied to the aggregated values. Companies are  related when they are commonly owned or controlled. See further: Grouping of Related Companies for Land Tax

Exemptions and concessions

There are a number of land tax exemptions, subject to qualifying conditions, including:

  • the owner’s principal place of residence; additionally including:
    • two residences owned on 1 July under transitional circumstances may be eligible for rebate – see transitional rebate
    • home businesses occupying more than 50% by floor area can be exempted
    • company owned property can apply to qualify as the principal residence of shareholder(s) who own at least 50% of the shares
    • named beneficiaries of fixed trusts
  • land used for primary production
  • land used for religious, Aboriginal cultural, conservation, medical or retirement village purposes
  • land owned by charities
  • sporting clubs are not exempt but can apply in writing for a reduced special rate
  • the 2018-19 State Budget confirmed measures to provide a 3 year land tax exemption for all newly built housing that is made available for long-term rental; and a 1 year exemption for short-stay accommodation properties made available for long-term rental within the Greater Hobart Area. The 2019-20 budget announced an extension of the measures to 30 June 2023. See further here: Who pays land tax

Land tax rates

Land tax is calculated on the land value as at 1 July each year, which is determined in Council valuation districts by the Office of the Valuer-General, and elsewhere by use of adjustment factors published by the Valuer-General annually .

The 2019-20 State Budget announced the development of a land tax surcharge to apply to foreign ownership of residential and primary production land from 1 July 2020.

Rates of Land Tax since 1 July 2010

General land tax rates
From To Rate
$0 $24,999 nil
$25,000 $349,999 $50 plus 0.55% of the excess over $25 000
$350,000 and above $1,837.50 plus 1.5% of the excess over $350 000


Objections to a land tax assessment must be either by letter or email and lodged within 60 days, or later if approved by the Commissioner.

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