May 2013 Lodgment Deadlines

15 May 2013

  • Tax return for all other entities not required earlier (including all other consolidated groups) and not eligible for the 5 June concession.

21 May 2013

  • Monthly activity statement for April 2013.

26 May 2013

  • Quarterly activity statement, quarter 3, 2012-13 -electronic lodgment (ELS, ECI, Tax Agent Portal or BAS Agent Portal and SBR).

28 May 2013

  • FBT return- lodgment and payment.
    • Note: Tax agents with 25 or more FBT clients attached to their registered agent number as at 28 May 2013 may be eligible for a four week lodgment only deferral. Payment, if required, is still required by 28 May 2013.
  • Superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) statement – quarterly for quarter 3, 2012-13 (if required contributions were not made by the due date).