June 2013 Lodgment Deadlines

5 June 2013

  • Tax return for non-taxable or refund as per latest year lodged as well as actual non-taxable or refund in current year – all entities with a lodgment end date of 15 May 2013 except large/medium business taxpayers and head companies of consolidated groups. This includes companies and super funds that were not due earlier and meet the above criteria.
  • Tax return for individuals and trusts with a lodgment end date of 15 May 2013 provided payment is also made by this date.

This is not a lodgment end date but a concessional arrangement where failure to lodge on time (FTL) penalties will be waived if lodgment and payment is made by this date.

21 June 2013

Monthly activity statement for May 2013.

25 June 2013

FBT return- lodgment for eligible tax agents with 25 or more FBT clients attached to their registered agent number as at 28 May 2013

Agents Lodgment Program 2013-142013-14 New Lodgement Program Framework

Commencing 1 July 2013  all tax agents will need to lodge at least 85% of their client base returns electronically and on-time in order to retain access to “program benefits” – i.e. principally the extended lodgement dates.

Further info:

  • Lodgement dates
  • [popup url=”http://www.ato.gov.au/Tax-professionals/Prepare-and-lodge/Tax-agent-lodgment-program-2013-14/” width=”950″ height=”500″]Tax Office – 85% on-time lodgment[/popup]