Free Guide To Understanding Annual Reports

Attention shareholders: If you are an investor in public company shares, CPA Australia has produced a free Guide to help penetrate and decipher the jargon that companies publish in their annual reports.

For those in the know, crucial information can often be found buried in the notes to reports or in disclosures, the significance of which is not always obvious.

Produced in PDF format, this Guide can be downloaded for free from the CPAA website.

According to the Foreword, the Guide is intended to help shareholders and other providers of capital who are not literate in accounting standards and the Corporations Act 2001 to interpret financial statements and therefore to be able to make better use of them.

The Guide starts with the basics: “What Is An Annual Report?” and  progressively moves through each section of an annual report (there’s a sample annual report in the index) to explain its purpose and meaning in layperson’s language.

The document download link is here: CPA Australia


This page was last modified on 5 August 2015