Parenting Payments

Parenting payments administered by Centrelink provide income support payments to the low-income Principal Carer of a child under 6, or in the case of single parents, under 8.

Basic requirements for payment eligibility include:

An ordinary waiting period for residents is 1 week, subject to exemptions.

New Residents Waiting Period

From 1 January 2019 the waiting period for newly arrived residents to receive a range of benefits has been extended. The new waiting periods will apply generally to visas granted on or after 1 January 2019.

Examples of adjusted waiting periods include:

BenefitVisa on or after 1 Jan 2019Before 1 Jan 2019
Commonwealth Seniors Health Cardwaiting period 4 years2 years
Low Income Health Care Card4 years2 years
Parenting Payments4 years2 years
Carer Payments2 years2 years
Dad and Partner Pay2 yearsno waiting period
Parental Leave Pay2 yearsno waiting period
Family Tax Benefit Part A1 yearno waiting period
Family Tax Benefit Part Bno waiting periodno waiting period

Details of further benefits affected along with exemptions and NZ residents are set out here.

See further: Centrelink detailed references and claiming procedures

Additional Requirements – ParentsNext program

Parents of a child under 6 receiving the Parenting payment for at least 6 months and with no work income in that period, may be requested to participate in the ParentsNext program.

The program is designed to encourage planning around education and work-force participation goals, and to connect with community services and activities.

The program is delivered through a national network of Government-approved service providers.

For those assessed to be in a more disadvantaged category, participation is compulsory.

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