Carers Allowance

The carer allowance is an additional fortnightly payment to carers who provide additional daily care and attention for someone with a disability or medical condition, or who is frail aged.

[20 Sept 2018] The allowance is not subject to an assets test. From 20 September 2018 there is a combined adjusted taxable income limit of $250,000.

The carer allowance is separate from and may be in addition to the carer payment which may be taxable and is means-tested on income and assets.

Carer allowance payment rates

The rate of the carer allowance is CPI inflation-adjusted in January each year, and rates may be adjusted in circumstances of shared care.

In The Year To:Allowance Per Fortnight
31 Dec 2019$129.80
31 Dec 2018$127.10
31 Dec 2017$124.70
31 Dec 2016$123.50
31 Dec 2015$121.70
31 Dec 2014$118.20
31 Dec 2013$115.40
31 Dec 2012$114.00
31 Dec 2011$110.00

Children under 16

  • The carer allowance when caring for a child under 16 years is determined as either the fortnightly payment plus a Health Care Card for the child, or just the Health Care Card
  • Directly linked and in addition to the carer allowance, is an annual child disability assistance payment of $1,000 per child (non-indexed) when caring for a child with a disability under 16 years old for a period that includes 1 July

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