Updates – December 2015

The just-finished 2015 parliamentary sessions have been busy, and so have we. Although the year is by no means finished yet (the 2015 MYEFO is due mid-December), we’re grabbing a pause for a round-up of some of the more significant recent developments and site content updates. The government is intending to give the Commissioner of Taxation the power to … Read more

Mining Tax Repealed Finally – With Compromises

With the assistance of the Palmer United Party the Mining Tax repeal legislation has now finally been approved by both Houses of parliament. For the Government the price of approval came in the form of some compromise in measures which were linked to the Mining Tax when it was introduced, and which the Government wanted to wind back to help … Read more

Preservation Age Likely To Increase

Joe Hockey admits preservation age is under review

To anyone under 30, the term “preservation age” probably has connotations of something that only old folks concern themselves with shortly before, or perhaps shortly after, their appointment with fate. In a retirement planning context, preservation age is the age at which we can legally draw down on concessionally-taxed superannuation funds (in the absence of extenuating … Read more