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Tax Invoice Template

To comply with the tax laws, certain information must be included in tax invoices.

Registered for GST:

As a vendor registered for GST you usually will need to issue a “Tax Invoice” which shows the amount of GST included or (depending on the amount) at least the basis of calculation.

Not Registered for GST:

If not registered for GST, or not required to be, the document description will simply be “Invoice”, and should contain a statement to the effect that no GST has been charged.

Tax Invoice

A valid tax invoice (or valid substitute) is required by purchasers to support their legal claim to a GST credit (“input tax credit”).  A tax invoice must be issued for any taxable sales of more than $82.50 (including GST), where the purchaser requests it.

The requirements include:

  • vendor’s name and ABN
  • description and quantity of items/service
  • the extent to which each sale is a taxable sale – separately or, if the GST to be paid is exactly one-eleventh of the total price, as a statement such as ‘total price includes GST’
  • date of issue
  • amount of GST
  • if a recipient-issued document, it is clear that the GST is payable by the supplier
  • it is clear the document is a tax invoice or a recipient-created tax invoice
  • Invoices for $1,000 or more also need to show the buyer’s identity or ABN

ATO Fact Sheet – tax invoice standards

In addition to the legal requirements, there are some common-sense requirements of an invoice which the Tax Office sets out as “voluntary standards”.

Samples of recommended invoice designs (see images below) are included in this fact sheet (pdf): Nat 11675

 Further information

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