Bas Statement Download

The Tax Office does not provide a simple BAS statement form to download.

That is because personalised BAS Forms are generated for each business containing pre-filled information which shows your registration status and your specific payment cycle, as well as the due date for lodgement and a unique identification number.

Beware of scam emails – a fake email claiming to be from the Tax Office with a downloadable BAS form actually contains links which lead to a ransomware infection.

There are two possible ways to get your BAS Form:

  1. The ATO send it to you, usually a month or so before it is due – or if you request a replacement by calling 13 28 66 ; or
  2. If you have registered to lodge your forms electronically, you will receive an email reminder several weeks before it is due. The electronic form is only accessible through the Tax Portal.

Paper activity statements from 1 July 2014 phased out

The ATO has advised that they will no longer send paper activity statements from 1 July 2014 where an activity statement has already been lodged electronically. There’s more information here.

myGov: Since 22 August 2015 the Tax Office has adopted the practice of delivering activity statements to sole traders and individuals that are linked to myGov to their myGov inbox – even if they have indicated a preference for paper delivery.

Need to register?

If you need to register for Activity Statement purposes, start here: Business Registrations

Electronic lodgement registration

Electronic lodgement requires access to the Business Portal, see links here: BAS Lodgments

BAS statement guidance

See here Business activity statements (BAS)

Lodgement dates

Keep in mind lodgement deadlines.


This page was last modified on 24 Aug 2017