Tax Calculator

Australian income tax is calculated on a progressive scale of percentage rates above a tax-free threshhold.

Income tax offsets, also referred to as rebates, are subtracted from the tax calculation, with the effect that most residents’ actual tax free threshhold is significantly higher than the tax scale.

The tax calculation arithmetic is fairly simple to figure with a calculator, or if you prefer, we have an MS Excel spreadsheet (Windows version only) with which you can perform basic calculations to figure out your tax return refund or tax payable.

The sheet runs on simple formulae and does not contain any macros. We’ve made the spreadsheet unprotected, so if you are handy with Excel you are welcome to modify the sheet for your own purposes.

2016-tax-rates  2017-rates-calculator-1 

This is useful as a planning tool or guide, but is not intended to present a legally precise tax estimate with all the possible complexities. However for convenience we have included in the calculator a formula for estimating medicare levy, as well as the Low Income Tax Offset which most people are eligible for.

The current version of our calculator is up to date for 2015-16 to 2017-18 tax year calculations.

To obtain the download simply email the words “tax calculator” to atotaxrates(at) You will be immediately emailed a download link.  Your privacy is respected and assured.

Note: this is an annual tax calculator, which won’t give you accurate tax instalment amounts for weekly etc payroll deductions. We have a Tax Instalment calculator for that.



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