Free Annual Income Tax Calculator

Updated to 2019-20, this free annual income tax calculator is up-to-date with ATO official formulae for the current tax year and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet for desktop use.

This is a simple spreadsheet calculator which enables the calculation of income tax plus Medicare Levy and LITO for taxable income on an annual basis.

The spreadsheet has been updated to include the 2019 Budget announcement of an increase in the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset from 2018-19 onwards.

For your convenience this spreadsheet is unprotected, so you can change how it looks, and there’s an optional scratch pad area where you can tinker with offset values and quickly see the weekly/monthly/ annual pre-and post tax incomes.

This spreadsheet is suitable as an annual tax estimate and planning tool, but should not be relied on to reflect the legal precision of an official tax assessment.


For the calculation of employee (payroll) tax withholding deductions in a downloadable spreadsheet version see Tax Tables.

For other tax calculators, recommended is the ATO online calculator or this one here.

(N.B. Spreadsheet requires MS Excel Windows version.  Sorry – Apple/Mac versions are not currently supported.)

To get the download simply email the words “tax calculator” to atotaxrates(at) You will be immediately emailed your download link.

The email address you provide is only used for this purpose and there is no follow up unless you request something else or have a question. Your privacy is respected and assured.

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