ATO Tax Calculator

A simple spreadsheet tax calculator is downloadable free from this site and covers the years 2017-18 through to 2024-25.

The spreadsheet has been updated to include the 2019 Budget announcement of an increase in the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset for 2018-19 onwards including 2024-25.

This is a simple spreadsheet calculator which enables the calculation of income tax plus Medicare Levy and LITO for taxable income on an annual basis.

As an online alternative, to estimate your annual income tax calculation, use the ATO’s calculator here.

This spreadsheet is useful as a planning tool, and is not edit-protected so calculations or report layouts can be conveniently modified for your needs.  The spreadsheet is formula-based, and contains no macros.


Spreadsheet calculations are now updated for changes announced in Budget 2020 (6 October 2020)

Download now

For the payroll tax deduction (PAYG) calculator tables in a downloadable spreadsheet version go here



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